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You can start your project with a ready turnkey solution or service. By purchasing ready-made software on the GoFriends Marketplace, you can choose your start-up niches like sports, wellness, business solutions etc. The average cost of a new service developing from the scratch is about 10-15 thousand dollars. With us you can buy ready software for 500-2000 dollars. On our platform already ready and tested solutions for business, CRM, SAAS, and so on are available. The average time to develop a multifunctional software solution is 4-6 months. Using our marketplace you can buy the ready one and for 1 month it will alter for your business. Today, millions of programmers have written billions of lines of code. Why do we need to create a bicycle, if you can take a ready-made solution from experts cheaper and faster?





GoFriends Marketplace

Business Solutions


12/10/2018 - till present


GoFriends Marketplace

GoFriends Marketplace – excellent software solutions.
We are helping your business by creating our own products: convenient and easy to use, with unique design.

We are inspired by helping the companies to be better.


We are inspired to help business become outstanding.

(Русский) Отличные программные решения

The way we help business is by making our products: user-friendly, simple to use and beautifully designed.

(Русский) Помочь делу стать выдающимся.

We just happen to make great software solutions.

(Русский) Бизнесу, создавая наши продукты: удобными и простыми в использовании, красиво оформленными.

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