Start Control

CRM platform for managers to control remote staff.
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The goal of this project was to create online platform which help businesses to control field staff and to increase client’s satisfaction level.





Start Control

Delivering, management


13/10/2018 - till present


Start Control

Startcontrol allows to track geoposition of field forces, create reports for each customer, chatting with worker\customer\manager, to analyze work quality of every worker. The client has the possibilty to set requirements for the delivered product and conduct quality control when the product was delivered.


Fast integration in your business

To start you need to just install our mobile application on the phone of each worker.

Personal dashboard for your customer

Every customer can see the documentflow, control location of courier on the map.

Real-time statement and control of tasks

Set a task for a worker, he will see it and make a report after its execution at once.

User-friendly interface

Very simple interface which bases on user experience and allows user to do everything in 3 clicks.

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